Airdrie Fencing has been serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 2008. We are a fencing company that supply, install, repair and rent commercial fences of all kinds.

Dean and his dog

Dean and his dog

Airdrie Fencing has facilitated the commercial industry as well as residential industry from rolling gates to dog fences.

Our experienced team strives for good-quality results. After we see your land layout and answer any relevant questions, we will help you decide on the style of fence that caters perfectly to your needs.

Owner Dean has 14 years of experience in the construction business. After he graduated from school, he jumped directly into the welding business. He soon discovered a hidden talent to built his own equipment and fences.

Dean was agriculturally raised, so he has extensive knowledge about cattle and feed lots. He is an expert in designing and building coral systems, electric fences and stalls for all live stock.

Airdrie Fencing is available for all your fencing needs!

So go ahead, have a look around and feel free to click on the Contact button to get your free estimate!